x6 Ise Kadoya Hazy IPA 330ml

x6 Ise Kadoya Hazy IPA 330ml
x6 Ise Kadoya Hazy IPA 330ml
x6 Ise Kadoya Hazy IPA 330ml

x6 Ise Kadoya Hazy IPA 330ml

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伊勢角屋|Ise Kadoya

Style : Hazy IPA

International Bitterness Units : 50

Richness : ★★★★

Sharpness : ★★★

Ingredients : malted barley, malted wheat, wheat, hops

Alcohol volume :6.5

Standard drinks : 1.7

Hazy IPA

A Hazy IPA with a fruity citrus aroma and a moderate sweetness that pairs well with a variety of dishes. An invigorating fragrance made up of notes of passion fruit and citrus envelops the palate. A smooth texture of wheat is revitalizing, while the bold bitterness of hops provides structure around the medium body. A subtle sourness from wheat malt rounds out the lingering finish.

A juicy beer with a light mouthfeel created by carefully selected malt.

We reviewed the amount of yeast and the Saccharification process to express the freshness while maintaining the juicy characteristics. By using only wheat and wheat malt other than barley malt, it gives a refreshing and dry impression with a smooth mouthfeel. With a refreshing scent of passion fruit as the main and citrus scent added, it is a beer with a rich yet light impression.

A new style IPA with a refreshing, easy-to-drink and gorgeous aroma.

The turbidity and juiciness of the IPA has been added to the US judging criteria as a beer style “Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale” as its popularity has increased. While maintaining a juicy taste, it is less sweet, and the body is light and refreshing, making it easy to drink.

5.5% |茨城県
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