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Founded in 1871. Its flagship brand name “Maboroshi' literally translates to the English word 'phantom' rooting back to the catalyst discovery of apple yeast by Kiyoma Nakao, the fourth-generation. Apple yeast is a yeast fungus that excels in three aspects: fermenting power, refreshing acidity, and fruity aroma. When brewed with apple yeast, it produces sake with a fruity aroma and a clean taste. In addition, in order to fully demonstrate the power of this yeast, we have developed the industry's first "high-temperature saccharification moto" and received the 1st Technical Achievement Award. "


Hiroshima Prefecture

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    15.5% | 広島県
    清京 純米吟醸 雄町 720ml
    中尾酒造 | Nakao Jozo
    清京 純米吟醸 雄町 生酒 720ml |ピックアップのみ
    中尾酒造 | Nakao Jozo
    15.4% | 広島県
    まぼろし 純米吟醸 720ml
    中尾酒造 | Nakao Jozo
    16.5% |純米大吟醸
    まぼろし 純米大吟醸 赤箱 720ml
    中尾酒造 | Nakao Jozo
    まぼろし 純米大吟醸 赤箱 1.8L |ピックアップのみ
    中尾酒造 | Nakao Jozo
    13% | 広島県
    清京 純米スパークリング 300ml |ピックアップのみ
    Sparkling sake
    Maboroshi Daiginjo Shiro Box 720ml x Maboroshi Junmai Daiginjo Akabako 720ml
    中尾酒造 | Nakao Jozo
    16% | 広島県
    まぼろし 大吟醸 白箱 720ml
    中尾酒造 | Nakao Jozo


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