x6 Ise Kadoya IPA 330ml

x6 Ise Kadoya IPA 330ml
x6 Ise Kadoya IPA 330ml
x6 Ise Kadoya IPA 330ml

x6 Ise Kadoya IPA 330ml

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Ise Kadoya IPA 330ml provides a good balance of sweetness and hop bitterness for a pleasant experience. This beverage features fruity aromas of melon and citrus, accented by a subtle spice. Its solid hop bitterness is bolstered by a moderate body, which creates an enjoyable hop flavor and finish.

IPA has a good balance of sweetness and bitterness, and has a reputation for being a pleasant drink.

The sweet and fruity scent of 3 kinds of hops, like a melon with a citrus fruit, is accented with a hint of spiciness. It disappears in the back of the throat, and the clear and solid hop bitterness is supported by a moderate body, allowing you to enjoy the hop flavour and aftertaste.


The carefully calculated brewing timing creates a taste that you won't get tired of drinking.

Good for everyone! In order to make it easier to drink, we added hops in the latter half of the brewing process. In addition, by devising the brewing process and suppressing the malt flavour to keep the mouth clean, the body, aroma, and bitterness are balanced to create a taste that does not make you tired of drinking.