Akabu Junmai 720ml

Sakeonline SKU: LIQ792
Akabu Junmai 720ml

Akabu Junmai 720ml

Sakeonline SKU: LIQ792
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Alcohol Volume : 16%

Rice : Iwate Rice 
Polish : 60%

SMV : +2
Acidity : 1.8
Yeast : Yuko No Omoi
Squeezing Method : Undisclosed
Pasteurised : One time pasteurised 

Point :
Food Pairing : 

Sake description :
Brewed using Iwate-produced rice and sake yeast "Giovanni no Shirabe" developed by Iwate Prefecture creates the AKABU's standard pure sake.
Drinking Akabu Junmaishu, the sweet and gorgeous aroma reminiscent of peach fruits and white flowers expands, and the aftertaste is tightened by a sharp acidity.
It has the flavour typical of Junmai sake, but it also has a fresh impression.
Although it is sweet, it is a well-balanced sake that goes well with dishes.
It is recommended as a drink that you can enjoy without hesitation, and also for those who are new to sake.