The Best Selling Sake in February Was Choya Green Tea Umeshu 720ml!

The Best Selling Sake in February Was Choya Green Tea Umeshu 720ml!


The Choya Ujicha Umeshu is umeshu that that combines the traditional Japanese beverage "tea" and the traditional liqueur "umeshu". The ingredients are carefully selected Uji tea leaves from Kyoto with a fresh aroma and umeshu with an elegant flavor.


The city of Uji, located between the two ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara, is blessed with the quality of soil and surroundings needed for growing green tea plant. Tea cultivation in Uji can be traced back to the early 11th century, and this tradition has been kept in the utmost standing until today.


Although the tradition of tea cultivation in Japan originated at Kozanji Temple in Kyoto, it was tea from Uji that has come to be renowned for its superior quality. Eisai—a Japanese Buddhist priest who imported both Zen Buddhism and green tea to Japan from China around 700 A.D.—in fact advised the priests in Uji on how to cultivate and produce the beverage.


CHOYA Green Tea Umeshu is a blend of 100% Japanese premium ume fruit and Kyoto Uji's premium green tea leaves together to make this beautiful green tea flavour umeshu. The refreshing aroma of Uji green tea, elegant sweetness, and crisp aftertaste will appeal to a wide range of people, regardless of gender, as an alcoholic beverage.


Choya uses their original manufacturing method called Komireisen that brings out the original sweet and refreshing scent of Uji tea. When Uji tea is brewed in umeshu, it is slowly extracted at a low temperature to suppress the astringency that comes out when tea is brewed at high temperatures.


We invite you to experience the taste of premium green tea leaves in a form of umeshu!




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