Sono Manma Liqueurs: Fruit in a Form of an Alcoholic Beverage

About Meiri Shurui

Meiri Shurui was established in 1954, succeeding the Kato Sake Brewery as a collaborative venture bringing together sake brewers of Ibaraki and Tochigi Prefectures in order to produce a comprehensive portfolio of sake, shochu and liqueurs. In 2016, Meiri Shurui's 100-Year Premium Plum Liqueur was awarded top prize at the 7th Annual National Plum Liqueur Competition. The brewery's mission is to continuously develop and produce items of impeccable quality.

成立于1954年的“meiiri Shurui”是继加藤清酒酿酒厂之后的一家合作企业,它汇集了茨城县和栃木县的清酒酿造商,以生产清酒、烧酒和利口酒的综合组合。2016年,在第七届全国梅子利口酒大赛中,meiiri Shurui酒造的百年名优梅子利口酒荣获一等奖。酒造以不断开发和生产质量无可挑剔的产品为使命。

Sono Manma Liqueurs

Sono Manma利口酒

As the name suggests (Sono Manma literally means "as it is"), these refreshing liqueurs are full of fruitiness and were created with the aim of giving you the sensation of eating real fruit in a form of an alcoholic beverage. These liqueurs are so fresh that after opening, they need to be stored in the fridge and consumed as soon as possible.

顾名思义(Sono Manma字面意思是正如它是”),这种清爽的利口酒充满了水果的味道,发明这种利口酒的为的是给你一种以酒精饮料的形式喝到真正果汁的感觉。这些利口酒非常新鲜,开瓶后需要放入冰箱储存,尽快饮用。

SONOMANMA MELON bottles the deliciousness of the melon, a luxury yet familiar fruit. Enjoy the rich taste as if you were eating a melon just as it is.

SONOMANMA MELON是一种奢侈而又熟悉的甜瓜,它的美味体现在瓶子里。享受它丰富的味道,就像你在甜瓜一样。

SONOMANMA MIKAN is the most familiar fruit to Japanese people made into an alcoholic drink. The energising colour of this liqueur makes it a perfect drink on the rocks or with carbonated water.

SONOMANMA MIKAN柑橘是日本人最熟悉的做成酒精饮料的水果。这款利口酒充满活力的颜色使它成为一种适合在岩石上饮用完美的饮料。

SONOMANMA MANGO is is full of thick juicy mango juice. Enjoy the rich taste of mango as it is.

SONOMANMA MANGO富含浓稠多汁的芒果汁。尽情享受芒果的浓郁口感吧。

SONOMANMA APRICOT is made with apricots, which have been familiar in Japan for centuries. Enjoy the rich sweetness of apricots.

SONOMANMA APRICOT是用杏做的,这种杏在日本已经有几个世纪的历史了。享受杏子浓郁的甜味。

SONOMANMA PINK GRAPEFRUIT is made from the popular fruit pink grapefruit. Enjoy the refreshing acidity and sweetness of pink grapefruit just as it is.

SONOMANMA PINK GRAPEFRUIT是由流行的水果粉红葡萄柚制成的。尽情享受粉红葡萄柚的清爽酸甜吧!



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