Introducing New Product: Takasago Yogurt Sake! Yamahai Honjozo Sake Blended With Locally Sourced Yogurt

Sake Brewing Since 1830

Founded in 1830 by Shokichi Yamanaka, a merchant from Omi Province, Fuji Takasago Sake Brewery is located in Fujinomiya City in Shizuoka Prefecture. The brewery specializes in Yamahai brewing, a technique inherited from the Noto Toji family, and its sake is characterized by a smooth, deep flavor that takes advantage of the deliciousness of the rice and the softness of the water.

The Origin of the Name Takasago

The name "Takasago" is inspired by a celebrated Noh play that praises the resilience of pine trees, particularly the "Aioi no Matsu" (twin pines) that stay green year-round. Shokichi Yamanaka chose this name, influenced by the Noh song "Takasago," which is often performed at weddings to symbolize enduring harmony. This name carries a message of purification and unity, a beacon of hope during the Tenpo era's difficult times of famine and social unrest.

Sake Brewed with Mount Fuji Water

The adage "where the water is clear, the sake is delicious" rings true at Fuji Takasago Sake Brewery. The brewery uses Mount Fuji's groundwater, which takes a century to naturally filter, resulting in ultra-soft water that is ideal for sake brewing. This pristine water is pivotal in creating the brewery's signature smooth and mildly sweet Takasago sake. The brewing tradition at Takasago, coupled with the purity of Mount Fuji's water, dates back to the Edo period, ensuring a rich and enduring legacy.

Takasago Yogurt Sake

A notable innovation from the brewery is the Takasago Yogurt Sake, which blends Yamahai Honjozo sake with locally sourced yogurt. This concept emphasizes local production and consumption, featuring yogurt from the Fujinomiya-based "Ideboku." The unique liqueur combines rich, thick yogurt with the distinct flavor of Takasago sake, resulting in a drink that many find pleasantly devoid of a strong alcohol taste. The yogurt, made from a blend of Holstein, Jersey, and Brown Swiss milk, adds a clean acidity and enhanced umami, complemented by the sweetness of domestic honey. This yogurt sake can be enjoyed on the rocks or straight, offering a refreshing and satisfying experience.

Takasago La France Yogurt Sake

Expanding on the yogurt sake innovation, Takasago also offers a pear-flavored variety. This version combines 100% Asagiri Plateau-produced yogurt with La France pears from Yamagata Prefecture. The result is an exquisite balance of rich aroma, gentle acidity, and elegant sweetness, creating a unique and delightful beverage. Both versions of the yogurt sake showcase the brewery's commitment to quality and creativity, making them popular choices for souvenirs or gifts.



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