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What Is Akiagari Sake?


Sake is normally brewed during the winter. After being fermented, sake is pasteurized and age in tanks in a cool place through the summer, during which sake loses its freshness and instead becomes milder and better-balanced. Thus, akiagari refers to sake made in the winter pasteurised once, matured during the summer, and shipped in the fall. Conversely, if the maturation does not go well and the sake does not taste good, it is called 'akiochi'.


In addition to akiagari sake, you will also see sake called hiyaoroshi in autumn. It also refers to sake, which is brewed in winter and matured during the summer before being shipped. Akiagari and hiyaoroshi are both produced in autumn after the summer has passed, but there are differences.


Usually sake undergoes a heat treatment called hiiire twice, once before storage and once before shipping. However, in the case of hiyaoroshi, the sake is not heat treated before shipping, so the fresh flavour can be enjoyed.


Characteristics of Akiagari Sake


Compared to the fresh taste of winter's freshly brewed sake, akiagari sake has been aged to a good degree after being heat-treated and stored in the cellar for the summer. This gives it a mellower, more rounded taste and a deeper flavour. It is a perfect accompaniment to autumnal delicacies and makes the autumn season a luxurious one for the appetite.


Akiagari sake that can only be tasted during this season and is limited quantity so do not miss the opportunity to try it!


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