5th February Is Nigori Sake Day!

What Is Nigori Sake Day?


Established by Miwa Shuzo Co Ltd, headquartered in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture. The date is derived from the Japanese wordplay where numbers substitute for syllables in words. In this case, it is "ni (2) go (5) ri".

由总部位于岐阜县大垣市的三轮酒造设立,其日期源于日本的文字游戏,浊字在文字中用数字代替音节,在这种情况下,它是“ni (2) go (5) ri”。

The date also reflects the hope that nigori sake, which generally has the image of being a cold-weather sake, can be enjoyed in any season, from the cold of winter through to spring and summer.


The aim is to raise awareness of nigori sake, which is said to be easy to drink due to its natural umami and sweetness, and to encourage nigori sake fans to join together and call themselves 'nigorers'. The anniversary was recognised and registered by the Japan Anniversary Association in 2022.


Recommended Nigori Sake


Daku means cloudy in Japanese. Nigori sake is unfiltered sake and is often called cloudy sake in English. Normally, once the fermentation is finished, the fermented moromi is pressed with cloth and the undissolved rice yeast is removed. But using a rougher filter allows bits of rice solids to remain in the liquid, giving nigori both its appearance and name.


Daku Nigori Sake is semi-sweet nigori style sake with fruity nose made from world famous Kyoto soft water Fushimizu. Enjoy this sake chilled or over ice with a meal. It goes especially well with spicy dishes. You can also try it with crab, pork, spicy tuna poke, or just as a dessert wine.


Give this gentle and soft, feminine style nigori sake a try!




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