11th June Is Umeshu Day! Celebrate With Uniquely Flavoured Umeshu!

What Does Umeshu Have to Do With Rain?


Nyubai is one of the zassetstu (seasonal days created to match Japanese seasons as opposed to 24 Solar terms which were imported from ancient China), and it falls on June 10 or 11 every year, the 135th day after Risshun (first day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar), when the solar ecliptic longitude reaches 80 degrees.

入梅是日本杂节之一(日本本土节气,不同于来自中国的24节气),每年的 6 月 10 日或 11 日,即立春后的第 135 天(日本传统历法春天的第一天),当日太阳黄经达到80度时。

In the old days, Nyubai was the beginning of the rainy season (nowadays, with the development of weather information, the start of the rainy season is announced separately), and it was a particularly important date for Japanese people in determining the time of rice planting. It is also the time when ume plums ripen and are ready for harvest. Thus it makes sense that this day, when harvest of green ume, the essential ingredient for umeshu, reaches its peak, is designated as Umeshu Day.


Umeshu With Unique Flavours


We have a wide selection of umeshu at our store, including umeshu with various unique flavours. Below are some of our recommendations to make this Umeshu Day more special and flavourful!


Kishu Blueberry Umeshu is made from 100% fully ripened blueberry juice from Iwate Prefecture, with a focus on compatibility with umeshu. Close attention is paid to the ratio of flavors, blending several different types. It is additive-free, beautifully colored umeshu with no additives such as coloring agents and preservatives. The color is beautiful, like blueberry juice, and it tastes like a rich wine.


Choya Kokuto Umeshu is a brown sugar flavoured umeshu, created especially for dark rum lovers who want to appreciate both the mellow taste of the dark rum and the goodness of the traditional Japanese Umeshu, a liqueur made from ume fruit. Rich and mellow flavour from dark rum with notes of minerals and ume fruit. Enjoy its unique aroma and a deep taste after dinner on the rocks, with your dessert or as a cocktail base.


Nakano BC Red Shiso Perilla Umeshu has a bright ruby colour due to the red shiso's natural pigments. The acidity of the red shiso and the original sweetness of umeshu intertwines to create a sweet yet crisp umeshu. The ample sweetness and acidity of the plum wine are followed by the refreshing flavour of red shiso. The alcohol is slightly low and the sweetness is refreshing, making it very easy to drink and soft.




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