Umenoyado Unfold SAKE 720ml

Umenoyado Unfold SAKE 720ml
Umenoyado Unfold SAKE 720ml

Umenoyado Unfold SAKE 720ml

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Alcohol volume: 16%

Rice: Yamada Nishiki, Akebono
Polish: 50%

SMV: -1.6
Acidity: 2.0
Squeezing Method: Yabuta Method
Pasteurised: One time Pasteurised 

Point: A well-balanced bottle with a refreshing scent and light sweetness. Its delicate and gentle flavor blends comfortably into any meal setting.
The name "Unfold" expresses Umenoyado's strong ambition to "open up and develop a new sake culture."
Food pairing: Fish Carpaccio, Squid sashimi, Pickles 

Sake Description:
Umenoyado's Unfold SAKE is an innovative expression of nihonshu, characterised by a history of rigorous sake brewing and a focus on production methods and ingredients. This Junmai Daiginjo features a harmonious, delicate aroma married to a light sweetness. It is a versatile sake, able to be enjoyed in a variety of contexts both as a complement to meals and for celebratory occasions. True to its namesake, Unfold SAKE invites drinkers to discover new depths of taste and pleasure.
妥協のない正直な日本酒造りを重ねた歴史を礎に、製法や原料をあらたに見直した、梅乃宿の次世代を担う日本酒シリーズ。 Unfold SAKE(アンフォールド サケ)は、爽やかな香りと軽やかな甘みがバランスの良い純米大吟醸。どんなお食事のどんな場面にも心地よく溶け込み、幅広い楽しみ方ができる味わいが魅力です。 Unfold = 「新しい酒文化を切り開き・展開していく」というネーミングの通り、日本酒・大吟醸の枠にとらわれない多様な飲み方でお楽しみいただきたい、という蔵人の想いが込められています。