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Welcome sake enthusiasts and sake newbies! You've stumbled upon the biggest and most fabulous sake collection in Australia.

Established in 2013 as one of the earliest online platforms for Japanese Sake, operating under Daiwa Food Corporation.

Recognising the restricted variety and availability of Japanese Sake in Australia during that period, Sake Online was created with the purpose of introducing Australians with the profound history and extraordinary possibilities of officially imported artisanal Sake, with providing easy access to these traditional cultural beverages, fostering an appreciation for the artistry and heritage inherent in each bottle.

  • Almost all our Sake's are fridge condition imported & stored, directly from the sake brewery. Despite the cost, this temperature control importation allows us to bring in new fresh sake categories like Namazake (unpasteurised), Sparkling Sake, nigori (cloudy) sake and deliver Australians quality sake.
  • Sake can be expensive in Australia due to exchange rates, taxes, and distribution channels. By purchasing directly from the brewery and selling to the public, we offer high quality sake at fair prices.
Wholesale enquiries
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Sake Ginza 

Official & direct brick and mortar Sake shop in Australia. Sake Ginza first open its doors in Top Ryde (NSW) and then in Richmond (VIC), letting sakeonline customers get hands-on with the sake, sample for free, and pick up their online orders in-store. We're all about sharing the sake love with our awesome patrons!


Daiwa Food

Customer-Supplier relationship was the starting point of Daiwa Food Corporation. Our company shares the visions of both customer and supplier to pursuing a common goal for mutual benefit.

As the Japanese cuisine has become a popular dining choice in Australia, Daiwa Food Corporation has been recognised as a major Japanese food importer and distributor for retail, catering and hospitality industries in VICTORIA. We supply comprehensive range of authentic Japanese food products and Sake. Our business activities also cover interstate cities such as SYDNEY, BRISBANE, CAIRNS and PERTH via our business alliances.

Our company philosophy is to supply Selected food for Health & your Choice, we wish to bring you a unique and true experience of the Oriental Japan.

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