The Best Selling Sake in April Was Nakano BC Yuzu Umeshu!

It come as no surprise that Nakano BC Yuzu Umeshu was our best-selling product in April! Since its release in 2006, it has been a long-selling plum wine that has remained at the top of the popularity charts, and is served in many restaurants all over Japan.

毫无疑问,中野BC 柚子梅酒是我们4月份最畅销的产品!2006年上市以来,它一直是一种畅销的梅子酒,一直位居人气排行榜的首位,日本各地的许多餐馆都有供应。

It has won Gold medal in Liquor and Spirits Category at the Lyon International Competition in 2020 and 2021. Kishu Yuzu Umeshu is the first Japanese plum wine to win the top prize in the liqueur and spirits category for two consecutive years.


Nakano BC Yuzu Umeshu is a unique blend of yuzu juice, which was extracted from fruits in Shikoku Island and umeshu liqueur. The acidity of the ume fruit and the refreshing aroma of yuzu are well harmonized to create a pleasantly crisp flavour. 


The brewery uses a superior quality Nanko ume from Wakayama to make its umeshu. Kishu in Wakayama, Kishu is the place to go when it comes to ume plums. In Wakayama, surrounded by the Kii Mountains and the sea, ume plums grow full and plump bathing in the abundance of sunshine.  

It can be enjoyed with soda, or on the rocks on breezy nights. When it's cold, try it with hot water. When the air is filled with the gentle aroma of yuzu, you might find yourself emptying your glass. It's the kind of plum wine you can get hooked on!


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