Raise a Glass of Umesky on Japanese Whisky Day

Origins of Japanese Whisky Day


Japanese Whisky Day is observed on April 1st, highlighting Japan's esteemed whisky craft. Recognized by the Japan Whisky Research Centre, it's a chance to honor Japan's whisky legacy, from its history to its global acclaim.


A Blend of Tradition and Innovation


Whisky arrived in Japan during its opening to the world in the late Edo period. Despite early limitations, pioneers like Masataka Taketsuru, who studied in Scotland, laid the groundwork for Japan's whisky scene. Suntory, originally Kotobukiya, marked a milestone on April 1st, 1929, with the first sale of its renowned Suntory Whisky, also known as "Shirofuda" or white label, shaping Japanese whisky history.

威士忌在江户时代晚期日本开埠的过程中传入日本。尽管早期受到限制,但像曾在苏格兰留学的竹鹤正孝(Masataka Taketsuru)这样的先驱,为日本的威士忌行业奠定了基础。三得利,原名Kotobukiya,在1929年4月1日开始贩卖他的第一瓶三得利威士忌成为了一个里程碑,也被称为“Shirofuda”或白标签,塑造了日本威士忌的历史。

Masataka Taketsuru


Enjoying the Essence: Umesky Celebration


To celebrate Japanese Whisky Day, indulge in Umesky, a unique creation from the Saburomaru Distillery. Produced within the grounds of Wakatsuru Shuzo sake brewery in Toyama, Umesky combines whisky with locally harvested ume fruits. This innovative approach offers a fusion of flavors that captivate the palate.


Umesky: A Flavorful Fusion


Wakatsuru Shuzo Umesky melds whisky and ume fruits, resulting in a harmonious blend. The whisky absorbs the essence of the ume over a year, creating a balanced profile of sweetness and tartness. With each sip, one experiences the vibrant acidity of ume followed by the smoothness of whisky, delivering an extraordinary drinking experience.


Honoring Tradition and Excellence


As Japanese Whisky Day draws near, let's take a moment to honor Japan's whisky craftsmanship, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Join the celebration with a toast of Umesky, and raise your glass to Japan's vibrant whisky legacy. Cheers!


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