November 1st Is Authentic Shochu & Awamori Day! Try Traditional Okinawan Awamori

November 1st Is Authentic Shochu & Awamori Day

In September 1987, the Central Association of Sake Brewers of Japan established November 1st as "Authentic Shochu & Awamori Day". The brewing process begins in August or September every year, and the "authentic shochu nouveau," or auspicious new liquor of the year, is ready to drink on or around November 1, hence the date.

In Japanese Shinto tradition, the month of October is called "Kannazuki" (literally "the month when there are no gods") it is believed that the eight million gods of Japan leave their shrines and congregate annually at Izumo Taisha. They return on November 1st , and it is no coincidence that this day can be read as "a good day in a good month" (in Japanese world play 11 can be read as いい (ii) , which means "good").


 Yaesen Shuzo

Yaesen Shuzo is a leading awamori manufacturer in Ishigaki Island, established in 1955. Yaesen (八重泉) was named after the springs (泉) of the islands around here, called Yaeyama (八重山), and is located on a small hill overlooking the islands. The distillery is committed to trying innovative techniques to make their products better while maintaining the traditional kiln distillation and long-term storage in Western-style barrels, which were pioneered in the industry.

Yaesen is the Awamori that has been loved and nurtured by the people of Ishigaki Island since its establishment. It is an excellent product that can be said to be the origin of Yaesen, which has been through repeated trial and error for over 65 years since its establishment. Enjoy the robust and fragrant aroma, sharp and well-balanced taste, and deep sweetness from the direct fire distillation and black malted rice brewing that is traditional to Ishigaki Island.


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