Ginger Umeshu: A New and Less Sweet Umeshu Experience

Ginger Umeshu: A New and Less Sweet Umeshu Experience


'We want people who don't like sweetness to drink umeshu!' It was with this in mind that the development of this Ginger Umeshu began. Making a less sweet umeshu taste good was quite a struggle during the development stage. Simply reducing the rich sweetness of the umeshu would have made it too bitter and sour, and would not have balanced well with the gorgeous aroma of the ume fruit. 


When searching for an ingredient that would balance the taste and aroma, Nakano BC came across ginger. The aroma and zesty spiciness of ginger matches the bitterness and acidity of the less sweet umeshu, making it an addictive combination that will make your reach for another sip!



 Non-Sweet Umeshu With a Spicy Twist


The big words on the bottle label read: 'Life is not so sweet. Even umeshu is this hard (or "spicy"). The kana reading for "辛い" can be either "karai" or "tsurai", and they have two different meanings. This part refers to the fact that neither life nor the taste of this umeshu is sweet, and the design dares not to add a kana reading, so that it can be read either as 'karai' (spicy) or 'tsurai' (hard).


This umeshu is made fresh from the Nanko plums found in the Wakayama Prefecture, and is brewed to be less sweet than regular umeshu (39% less sugar compared to the standard Nakano BC umeshu). Ginger juice with pulp is then added to the umeshu to balance out the flavour.


A delight to your taste buds, this umeshu has a rich aroma of both ume fruit and ginger, and a spiciness unique to ginger that is refreshing and dry to drink. Being not too sweet, it goes well with meals and you can drink as many glasses as you like, but the more you drink, the more the flavour unfolds. This umeshu with a deep flavour is for those who have overcome both sweetness and spiciness.


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