Yukinobousha Yamahai Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Yukinobousha Yamahai Junmai Ginjo 720ml
Yukinobousha Yamahai Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Yukinobousha Yamahai Junmai Ginjo 720ml

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Alcohol Volume : 15.7%

Rice : Yamada Nishiki, Akita Komachi
Polish : 55%

SMV : +1.0
Acidity : +1.7 
Yeast : In-house yeast 
Squeezing Method : Yabuta Method
Pasteurised : One time Pasteurised

Point :
Food Pairing : Meat dish, oily food such like tempura or fried dish

Sake description :
The brewing process at Saiya Sake Brewery is characterized by "San-nai-zukuri," which means no mixing, no filtration, and no adding water. It is important to brew sake in an environment where microorganisms are left in their natural state.
Yukinobosha Yamahai Junmai Ginjo sake is made with the traditional Yamahai brewing technique, which gives it a floral aroma and a unique, delicate taste that is sure to please sake fans. Using the Akita Sake Komachi rice and the brewery's original sake yeast, this precious sake was produced under careful treatment. It is an unfiltered, once-heated sake with a taste that will keep you coming back for more.

雪の坊舎 山廃純米吟醸酒は、伝統的な山廃仕込みの手法で造られ、花の香りと独特の繊細な味わいが日本酒ファンを魅了します。秋田県産酒こまちと蔵元オリジナルの清酒酵母を使用し、丁寧に醸された貴重なお酒です。何度でも飲みたくなる味わいの無濾過・一度火入れのお酒です。

齋彌酒造 | Saiya Shuzou

Sake Spec's

Ingredients : Rice (JAPAN), Water (JAPAN)

Rice : Yamadanishiki (Hyogo)
Akita sake Komachi (Akita)

Yeast : Saiya Shuzoten Yeast

Rice Polishing Ratio : 55%

Alcohol Volume : 16%

Standard Drinks : 9.1

Squeezing method : Yabuta Method

Sake Meter Value : +1.0

Acidity : 1.7

Serving Temperature : - 10-20℃(冷・常温)
- 38℃(ぬる燗)

Recommended Pairing : Meat dishes, oily dishes such as tempura and fries

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