Miwakuno Yuzu Sake 500ml

Miwakuno Yuzu Sake 500ml

Miwakuno Yuzu Sake 500ml

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Alcohol Volume : 7%

Rice : Aichi Prefecture Rice
Polish :

SMV : 
Acidity : 
Yeast : 
Squeezing Method :
Pasteurised : 

Point : Kito Yuzu used with Junmai Shu
Food Pairing : Fried Chicken wings, Gtoza, Boiled puffer fish

Sake description :
Traditional Junmai Sake and Ehime Yuzu. Without using any acidulants or additives, we have maximised the amount of fruit juice pulp so that you can enjoy the original taste and aroma of the fruit. This sake contains the perfect balance of yuzu acidity to retain a refreshing, clean taste. This acidity is dispersed throughout the drink, providing an enjoyable sourness from beginning to finish.



丸石醸造 | Maruishi Jozo

Sake Spec's

Ingredients :

Rice :

Yeast :

Rice Polishing Ratio :

Alcohol Volume : 7%

Standard Drinks : 2.8

Squeezing method :

Sake Meter Value :

Acidity :

Serving Temperature :

Recommended Pairing :

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