Kizakura coconut nigori sake

Kizakura Nigori Coconut 300ml - Sakeonline
Kizakura Nigori Coconut 300ml - Sakeonline

Kizakura coconut nigori sake

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A new type of nigori sake called "Asian Fusion Sake".
The combination of fresh coconut aroma, sweet taste and creamy texture is something new and delicious! Kizakura Coconut Nigori has rounded sweetness from rice and coconut, which plays wonderful chord. Soothing and silky nigori is an inventive infusion of sweet coconut.

黄桜酒造 | Kizakura

Sake Spec's

Ingredients : Rice, Malted Rice, Brewed alcohol, Sugars, Spices.

Rice : Gohyakumangoku (Fukui)
Kyo no Kagayaki (Kyoto)

Yeast : Kizakura KZ Yeast

Rice Polishing Ratio : 70%

Alcohol Volume : 10%

Standard Drinks : 2.4

Squeezing method : Yabuta Method

Sake Meter Value : -60

Acidity : 1

Serving Temperature : 5℃

Recommended Pairing : Cheese in general

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