Tatsuriki Junmai Daiginjo AKITSU 1.8L | PICK UP ONLY

Tatsuriki Junmai Daiginjo AKITSU 1.8L | PICK UP ONLY
Tatsuriki Junmai Daiginjo AKITSU 1.8L | PICK UP ONLY

Tatsuriki Junmai Daiginjo AKITSU 1.8L | PICK UP ONLY

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Alcohol Volume : 16%
Rice : Yamada Nishiki
Polish : 35%

SMV : +3
Acidity : 1.2
Yeast : NO.9
Squeezing Method : Yabuta
Pasteurised : 

Point : 
Food Pairing : Sushi

Sake description :
This unbelievable Junmai Daiginjo from the world famous Honda Shoten TATSURIKI is absolutely the ultimate.

Firstly, following the Tatsuriki company's strong motto "Good Sake is only made from Good Rice", AKITSU is made from the special AKITSU village area grown 100%. A grade Yamadanishiki Rice. The rice is grown almost organic & a lot of process are hand treated. The brewery took over 100 hours to polish this ultimate premium rice down to 35% (this means 65% of rice is polished away!), then carefully brewed over 3 weeks. After fermentation and pressing process, the sake is bottled then stored under 0 degrees cool room for 5 years before shipped out.

You can now imagine so many time and efforts are made to achieve to produce this ultimate Junmai Daiginjo. The aroma is beautiful nashi pear & apple with freshness even after 5 years aged. The body is soft but medium rich taste slowly spread over a palate with very complex sweetness & dryness crossing over then finishingProduct dry. The taste is so balanced and subtle.

This must be the one for a life bottle for all sake lovers.


まず、「良い酒は良い米から」という龍力の強いモットーに従い、秋津村の特産品を100%使用した「AKITSU」。お米は特級の山田錦。 米はほぼ有機栽培で、多くの工程が手作業で行われています。



本田商店 | Honda Shoten

Sake Spec's

Ingredients : - Rice (JAPAN Rice)
- Kome Koji (Japan)

Rice : Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo)

Yeast : Yeast #9

Rice Polishing Ratio : 35%

Alcohol Volume : 16%

Standard Drinks : 22.8

Squeezing method : Yabuta Method

Sake Meter Value : +3

Acidity : 1.2

Serving Temperature : 5-15℃

Recommended Pairing : Sushi

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