Nenohi Junmai no Sake 720ml

盛田 | Morita SKU: LJUN009
Nenohi Junmai no Sake 720ml

Nenohi Junmai no Sake 720ml

盛田 | Morita SKU: LJUN009
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Alcohol volume : 16%

Ne no Hi Junmai Sake, a premium Japanese sake from Morita Sake Brewery in Aichi Prefecture, offers a rich, dry flavor with a 16% alcohol content. Brewed using Wakamizu rice, natural water from Mount Kiso Ontake, and traditional sake brewing techniques, this Junmai sake exemplifies the skilled craftsmanship that defines its quality.

Best enjoyed at room temperature or slightly warmed, Ne no Hi Junmai Sake pairs well with dishes like dumplings, sesame oil stir-fried dishes, and green onion omelets, making it perfect for casual drinking or home parties with friends and family.

Featuring a unique balance of a Japan Sake Meter Value (SMV) of +2, acidity of 1.8, and amino acid content of 1.9, this Junmai sake presents a slightly sweet flavor due to its positive SMV value. However, its high acidity and amino acid content contribute to its rich and robust taste.

Available in a 720ml bottle and sold individually, Ne no Hi Junmai Sake should be stored at 0-10 degrees Celsius, away from high humidity and direct sunlight. Once opened, refrigerate and consume as soon as possible.

Morita Sake Brewery, located in Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture, has been committed to producing high-quality sake through traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients since its establishment. The brewery's dedication to environmental protection and sustainable sake brewing is evident in their practices.

Experience the unique flavor and brewing process of traditional Japanese sake with Ne no Hi Junmai Sake, crafted by Morita Sake Brewery using flavorful Wakamizu rice and natural water from Mount Kiso Ontake. Its versatile pairing options with various dishes make it an enjoyable drink for any occasion.