Nakano BC Japanese Craft UME SPIRITS KAYUKI 700ml

Nakano BC Japanese Craft UME SPIRITS KAYUKI 700ml
Nakano BC Japanese Craft UME SPIRITS KAYUKI 700ml

Nakano BC Japanese Craft UME SPIRITS KAYUKI 700ml

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Alcohol Volume : 45% 

By adding a process called "distillation" to the plum liqueur (alcohol content 20%) using Nanko plums from Wakayama Prefecture, it is a spirit that extracts only the alcohol content and the condensed gorgeous scent of plums.

The plums used in the plum wine are all Nanko plums grown in Wakayama. During the plum season, all the staff in charge of manufacturing process handles the plums, but the most important thing is to put our hearts into each and every one of them and carefully pick them.
During the ume season, the entire factory is filled with ume fruits so much that the whole factory smells of plums. When distilling into spirits, a vacuum distiller for Otsu-class shochu is used to remove the plum liqueur extract and condense the plum flavor. This process is a process for making shochu, but we added it to plum wine. Distillation under reduced pressure produces a soft-flavoured spirit with few unfavorable components.



梅の時期には、工場全体梅の香りが漂うくらい梅の実が入荷されます。 スピリッツへの蒸留作業では、梅酒のエキス分を取り除き、梅の香味を凝縮させるために、乙類焼酎用の減圧蒸留器を使用。この工程は焼酎を作るための工程ですが、弊社では梅酒にその工程を加えました。 減圧蒸留法することによって雑味成分の少ないソフトな味わいのスピリッツができます。

From the Producer & Sake Ojisan


中野 BC

A spirit distilled from plum wine. You can enjoy the unique aroma and faint sweetness of plum wine.

Nakano BC
Wakayama , JAPAN

Coming Soon

Sake Ojisan
Sydney, Australia

中野 BC | Nakano BC

Sake Spec's

Ingredients : Plum wine (Wakayama Prefecture)

Rice : N/A

Yeast : N/A

Rice Polishing Ratio : N/A

Alcohol Volume : 45%

Standard Drinks : 24.9

Sake Meter Value : N/A

Acidity : N/A

Serving Temperature : On the Rock, straight below 0ºC, with Soda

Recommended Pairing : chocolate, cheese

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