Nakano BC Beni Nanko Umeshu 720ml

中野 BC | Nakano BC SKU: LUME024
Nakano BC Beni Nanko Umeshu 720ml
Nakano BC Beni Nanko Umeshu 720ml

Nakano BC Beni Nanko Umeshu 720ml

中野 BC | Nakano BC SKU: LUME024
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Alcohol Volume : 20

Beni Nanko Ume is a type of plum grown in Wakayama Prefecture that has a bright red color on its green surface. This is a very rare and valuable fruit that can only be found on trees that are exposed to the sun and can only be harvested in years with good weather. The plums are picked in the morning in Minabe-cho, Wakayama Prefecture, and are pickled on the same day to preserve their freshness. In order to deepen the flavor of the plums, 1.5 times as many plums as regular umeshu are used by separating out the damaged plums and sorting out the best ones one by one.

The Toji (master brewer) is responsible for the entire process from harvesting to removal of the fruit, which locks in the peach-like fruity aroma of the freshly picked Beni Nanko Ume and brings out its rich acidity and sweetness. Enjoy the elegant flavor that spreads in your mouth the moment you taste it.

We recommend drinking it on the rocks, straight, or with soda.

From the Producer & Sake Ojisan


中野 BC

An authentic plum wine that allows you to enjoy the original taste of rich plums. It is also a GI certified plum wine.

Nakano BC
Wakayama , JAPAN

Coming Soon

Sake Ojisan
Sydney, Australia

中野 BC | Nakano BC

Sake Spec's

Ingredients :
- Nankoume (Wakayama), Brewed alcohol, Sugar

Rice :

Yeast :

Rice Polishing Ratio :

Alcohol Volume : 20%

Standard Drinks : 11.4

Sake Meter Value :

Acidity :

Serving Temperature : On the Rock, Soda, Hot water

Recommended Pairing : Cheese, Chocolate

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