Miwakuno Fruit Momo Japanese Peach Sake 500ml

Miwakuno Fruit Momo Japanese Peach Sake 500ml

Miwakuno Fruit Momo Japanese Peach Sake 500ml

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Alcohol Volume : 7%

Rice : Aichi Prefecture Rice
Polish :

SMV : 
Acidity : 
Yeast : 
Squeezing Method :
Pasteurised : 

Point : Hakuho Peach used with Junmai Shu
Food Pairing : mozzarella and prosciutto salad, cold tomato pasta, Sea bream Carpaccio made with aromatic vegetables

Sake description :
Sourced from Aichi Prefecture's Sarunage region, Shirahou peaches lend their soft flesh, high sugar content, and moderate acidity to create the rich, delicious flavor of Miwakuno Fruit Momo Sake. This locally sourced fruit ensures a fresh taste in every sip. The luxurious foundation of this peach liqueur is Junmai Mikawa Bushi, a high-quality sake made with 100% rice. On its own, Junmai Mikawa Bushi boasts a delightful taste, but when combined with the sweetness of peaches, an exquisite harmony emerges.

Miwakuno Fruit Momo Sake offers endless possibilities for enjoyment. Savor it straight, chilled, on the rocks, mixed with carbonated water or milk, or even as a base for cocktails or a drizzle over desserts. Its versatility brightens any dining experience. Beautifully packaged, Miwakuno Fruit Momo Sake makes an impressive gift for special occasions or as a thoughtful gesture. With its striking peach flavor, this fruit liqueur can be enjoyed year-round, whether as a refreshing summer drink or a warm winter treat.  The flavor of this peach liqueur showcases the fruitiness of the Shirahou peaches, achieving a perfect balance between their natural sweetness and acidity. The refreshing and easy-to-drink finish is crafted with careful control of sweetness.

Miwakuno Fruit Momo Sake's uniqueness stems from its Junmai Mikawa Bushi base, offering a distinct taste that sets it apart from ordinary fruit liqueurs. Even seasoned drinkers can discover new surprises and enjoyment with this innovative beverage.  With its versatile drink options and exceptional taste, Miwakuno Fruit Momo Sake is a must-try for fruit liqueur enthusiasts, sake lovers, and wine aficionados alike. Experience the enchanting flavors of Miwakuno Fruit Momo Sake for yourself and discover its many possibilities.




多彩な飲み方と格別な味わいの「みわくのフルーツ桃酒」は、フルーツリキュール愛好家、日本酒愛好家、ワイン愛好家にぜひ試していただきたい商品です。 「みわくの果実桃酒」の魅惑的な味わいをぜひご体験いただき、その可能性を発見してください。

丸石醸造 | Maruishi Jozo

Sake Spec's

Ingredients :

Rice :

Yeast :

Rice Polishing Ratio :

Alcohol Volume : 7%

Standard Drinks : 2.8

Squeezing method :

Sake Meter Value :

Acidity :

Serving Temperature :

Recommended Pairing :

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