MEIRI SonoManma Mandarin Orange Liqueur 720ml

MEIRI SonoManma Mandarin Orange Liqueur 720ml
MEIRI SonoManma Mandarin Orange Liqueur 720ml

MEIRI SonoManma Mandarin Orange Liqueur 720ml

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Alcohol Volume : 7.0%
20% extract

"MEIRI SonoManma Mandarin Orange Liqueur" is a unique and refreshing Japanese liqueur made from high-quality Japanese mandarin oranges. The fragrance and flavor of mandarin oranges are beloved by many Japanese people, and this liqueur allows you to enjoy those natural qualities in a refreshing and fruity way.

Made by blending fruit juice, alcohol, and sugar, this liqueur has a typical alcohol content of around 10% and a sweet, fruity taste. It also contains a significant amount of vitamin C, which is essential for maintaining healthy skin and boosting immunity.

To best enjoy the refreshing aroma and flavor of mandarin oranges, it is recommended to serve "MEIRI SonoManma Mandarin Orange Liqueur" chilled. For an even more refreshing experience, adding ice or soda water can enhance the flavor. This liqueur is a great addition to meals, parties, and other occasions.

In addition to being enjoyed on its own, "MEIRI SonoManma Mandarin Orange Liqueur" is also a popular choice as a cocktail base. It goes well with simple orange juice, adding a rich taste with the sweetness and juicy flavor of mandarin oranges. It can also be used in sour and fruity cocktails, giving you the opportunity to create your own unique drinks.

Made from real mandarin oranges, this liqueur has a natural taste that is authentic to Japan. Its cute label design makes it an excellent gift for family and friends, or even as a personal reward.

This traditional Japanese liqueur is produced all over Japan, and each producer has its own unique taste. Some producers use older mandarin oranges to add depth to the flavor. They may also add aromatic components such as yuzu and lemon to enhance the citrus aroma and flavor. The fruit juice is carefully squeezed, and sugar is added to ferment the alcohol. After that, it is matured in barrels for several months to several years to bring out a deeper taste and aroma.

"MEIRI SonoManma Mandarin Orange Liqueur" is one of Japan's traditional liqueurs, like sake and shochu. Its recent popularity overseas provides a unique opportunity to experience Japanese culture through its flavors. Bartenders and chefs overseas are also exploring its versatility as a cocktail base to create their own unique drinks.

Due to the abundant use of mandarin orange juice, "MEIRI SonoManma Mandarin Orange Liqueur" is not only delicious but also a healthy drink. Mandarin oranges are a rich source of nutrients such as vitamin C, carotene, and polyphenols, which have beautifying effects and boost immunity. In moderation, alcohol can have a relaxing effect and help relieve stress.

In conclusion, "MEIRI SonoManma Mandarin Orange Liqueur" is a refreshing and delicious Japanese liqueur that can be enjoyed on its own or as a cocktail base. Its natural taste and cute label design make it an excellent gift or souvenir that conveys Japanese culture. Enjoy in moderation and take care of your health.

アルコール度数7% エキス分20%


明利酒類 | Meiri Shurui

Sake Spec's

Ingredients :

Alcohol Volume : 7.0%

Standard Drinks : 4.0

Serving Temperature :

Recommended Pairing :

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