KURA ONE-Awarded Winning Set

KURA ONE-Awarded Winning Set
KURA ONE-Awarded Winning Set
KURA ONE-Awarded Winning Set
KURA ONE-Awarded Winning Set

KURA ONE-Awarded Winning Set

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Most Japanese sake comes in 720 ml, which can seem like a large amount to people who are not used to drinking sake, and the fact that glass bottles require consideration in shipping and storage is also an obstacle to their popularity. There are only a few types of small-sized sake, and even if you are interested in sake, you may not know where to start drinking it, or you may not understand the technical terminology. KURA ONE® is a sake brand that solves these problems and overcomes the language barrier of not knowing Japanese.

We chose Debut with the aim of allowing a wide range of consumers to taste three different types of sake and discover your own theme of sake.

Hyakushun Junmai Ginjo Muroka Namagenshu:

  • Try unfiltered unprocessed sake for fresh sake with a beautiful aftertaste. Enjoy the freshness and intentionally left thickness of taste in the sake.

Yonetsuru Choukarakuchi Junmai:

  • Experience the perfect balance of flavour and sourness of the rice used, as well as a strong rich and dry taste.

Zao Junmai Ginjo K:

  • Enjoy the fruity aroma of banana, with a balance of light sweetness and sourness.


KURA ONE®は、そんな悩みを解決し、日本語が分からないという言葉の壁を乗り越える日本酒ブランドです。「Debut」は、幅広い消費者に3種類の日本酒を飲み比べていただき、自分なりの日本酒の テーマを発見していただくことを目的としました。  

百春  純米吟醸 無濾過 生原酒:

  • 後味の美しい生酒を無濾過原酒でお試しください。フレッシュさとあえて厚みを残した味わいをお楽しみください。

米鶴 超辛口純米:

  • お米本来の旨みと酸味の絶妙なバランスと、力強いコクと辛口の味わいをご体感いただけます。

ZAO 純米吟醸 K:

  • バナナのフルーティーな香りと、軽い甘みと酸味のバランスをお楽しみください。

Detailed Description

Hyakushun Junmai Ginjo MurokaNamagenshu                                            (百春純米吟醸無濾過生原酒) 

Alcohol Volume : 16.5%

Rice : Mino Nishiki
Polish : 60%

SMV : +3.0
Acidity : 1.6
Yeast : Undisclosed
Squeezing Method : Undisclosed
Pasteurised : Undisclosed

Point :
Food Pairing : Japanese dish, sashimi, grilled fish, Western dish with cheese and oil

Sake description :
The precious sake rice "Mino Nishiki", which is grown only in the Mino City area where the sake brewery is located polished to up 60%, brewed with sweet and mellow underground water from the Nagara River. When poured into a glass, the fruity aroma appears lightly and slowly spreads. It has a fresh taste that can only be expected from unfiltered unfiltered sake, and also has a smooth aftertaste. It can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes, including Japanese dishes such as sashimi and grilled fish, and Western dishes using cheese and oil.


Yonetsuru Choukarakuchi Junmai    (米鶴 超辛純米)

Alcohol Volume : 15%

Rice : Dewa Kirari 
Polish : 65%

SMV : +8.5
Acidity : 1.4
Yeast : Undisclosed
Squeezing Method :Undisclosed
Pasteurised : Undisclosed

Point :
Food Pairing : Oden, Yakitori, Roast beef, Pan Fry Gyoza, Oyster fry  

Sake description :
 Based on the principle of "sake brewing starting from rice cultivation," this sake uses locally produced rice and has a refreshing flavour with a good balance of aroma, taste, and sharpness.

A light and dry Junmai sake that has both the richness of Junmai sake and the "clear sharpness'' achieved by fermenting the mash for a longer period of time than normal brewing. The sake brewed by Yonetsuru Sake Brewery, which practices ``sake brewing starting from rice cultivation'', is made by polishing "Dewa Kirari" from Yamagata Prefecture to 65%.The sake has a good balance of rice flavour and firm acidity, and although it is dry, it is Full-bodied taste. It has a well-balanced flavour that is subtle and can be paired with a wide variety of dishes.



Zao Junmai Ginjo K          (ZAO 純米吟醸k)

Alcohol Volume : 16% 

Rice : Miyazaki Rice
Polish : 50%

SMV : Undisclosed
Acidity : Undisclosed
Yeast :Undisclosed
Squeezing Method : Undisclosed
Pasteurised : Undisclosed

Point :
Food Pairing : Roast Beef

Sake description :
The young chief brewer and brewer, who received high praise as a brewer at the world's largest sake competition, created the "Zao K Junmai Ginjo", a Junmai Ginjo brewed using ``Hattan'' sake rice from Hiroshima Prefecture and polished to 50%. ". Hattan has a large shinpaku (the centre of the rice), making it difficult to process the raw materials, but it is easy to make koji and the sake is very soft. This is a sake with a refreshing taste that combines the glossy aroma of rice with the clear underground water of the Zao Mountains. The mild acidity, modest sweetness, and refreshing aftertaste make it perfect for drinking with meals. This Junmai Ginjo has a fruity and elegant aroma and a harmonious balance of sweetness, sourness, and astringency, and has been used in the first class lounge of JAL international flights, making it a Junmai Ginjo that attracts even those who know the best.

世界最大の日本酒コンペティションで作り手として高評価を得た若き杜氏と蔵人が、広島県産の酒米「八反」を使用し、 50%まで磨いて醸した純米吟醸が「蔵王 K 純米吟醸」です。「八反」は心白(米の中心にある不透明な部分) が大きいため、原料処理の難しさはありますが、麹がつくりやすく、酒がとてもやわらかく仕上がります。米の艶のある香りと、蔵王山系の清冽な伏流水が相まったスッキリとした口あたりの酒です。穏やかな酸と控えめな甘み、さっぱりとした後口は食中酒に最適と言えます。フルーティで上品な香りと、調和のとれた甘味・酸味・渋味のバランスが素晴らしく、JAL国際線のファーストクラスラウンジにて採用されたこともあるほど、一流を知る人々をも魅了する純米吟醸です。