KURA ONE -Australian Debut Set

KURA ONE -Australian Debut Set
KURA ONE -Australian Debut Set
KURA ONE -Australian Debut Set
KURA ONE -Australian Debut Set

KURA ONE -Australian Debut Set

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Foreign experts from 15 countries and Magazine directors, media personnel, and people in the inbound business who are active in Japan, selected products with the main concept of "Japanese products that we want to convey to our own countries and other countries,'' and "Products that embody thoughtfulness and commitment to the users.'' Evaluate OMOTENASHI Selection. KURA ONE® received the Gold Award for being a product that is "overflowing with the unique charm of Japan that we want to share with the world,'' and the highest Gold Award for the product with the highest evaluation.

Garyubai Junmai Ginjo HomareFuji:

  • Mellow taste that allows you to experience the deliciousness of rice, a crisp finish, and a rich aroma.

Chiyomusubi Gohyaku Mangoku Junmai:

  • Refreshing pure rice sake with sharp taste. The citrus aroma, medium-strength flavour, with an after taste of a crisp. 

Garyubai Miyama Nishiki Jumai Ginjo:

  • It produces a mild and delicate aroma and a clean, firm taste, making for a light sake that you won't get tired of drinking.

日本で活躍する雑誌ディレクターやメディア関係者、インバウンド事業関係者ら15カ国の外国人専門家が「自国や他国に伝えたい日本の産品」「使い手のことを思いやる心遣いやこだわりが体現された産品」を評価するOMOTENASHI Selection。KURA ONE®は「世界に発信したい“日本ならでは”の魅力にあふれている」商品として、金賞そして最も評価が高い商品に選ばれる最高金賞を受賞しました。

臥龍梅 純米吟醸 誉富士: 

  • お米の美味しさを感じられるまろやかな味わい、キレのある後味、芳醇な香り。

千代むすび 五百万石 純米:

  • スッキリとしたキレのある味わいが特長の爽快系純米酒となっています。柑橘系の香りと中濃度の味わい、そしてスキッとした飲み口と余韻はキリッとしており。

臥龍梅 美山錦 純米吟醸:

  • おだやかで繊細な香り、すっきりと締まった味わいを生み出し、軽やかさを生かした飲み飽きない日本酒を醸しとなります。

Detailed description

Garyubai Junmai Ginjo Homarefuji         (臥龍梅純米吟醸 富士誉)

Alcohol Volume : 16%
Rice : Homare Fuji 100%
Polish : 55%

SMV : +3
Acidity : 1.3
Yeast : Undisclosed 
Squeezing Method :Undisclosed
Pasteurised : One time pasteurised 

Point :
Food Pairing : Seafood dish, Sashimi

Sake description :

Homarefuji is Shizuoka Prefecture's first original sake rice, which was researched over a period of seven years with the passion of "making sake with Shizuoka rice".

This ``Garyubai'' (Honorfuji) is a Junmai Ginjo sake that is characterized by its mellowness that allows you to feel the flavour of rice, its sharp aftertaste, and its rich aroma.

Kura Master (France) Junmai Division Platinum Award


この「臥龍梅 (誉富士)」は米の旨みが感じられるまろやかさ、キレのよい後味と豊潤な香りが特徴の純米吟醸酒です。

Kura Master (フランス) 純米部門プラチナ受賞

Chiyomusubi GohyakuMangoku Junmai      (千代むすび 五百万石純米)

Alcohol Volume : 15%

Rice : Miyama Nishiki
Polish : 50%

SMV : +3
Acidity : 1.2
Yeast : Undisclosed
Squeezing Method : Undisclosed
Pasteurised : Undisclosed 

Food Pairing : 

Sake description :
This "Chiyomusubi (Gohyakumangoku)" is a Junmai (pure rice) sake made using Gohyakumangoku rice produced by contracted farmers in Tottori Prefecture. To preserve its flavour, it undergoes careful bottle pasteurization to ensure the aroma is not compromised. By blending aromatic yeast, it has a vibrant fragrance reminiscent of melons and apples. It delivers a clean attack on the palate followed by a memorable richness that expands in the aftertaste. 


Garyubai Miyama Nishiki                           (臥竜梅 美山錦)

Alcohol Volume : 16%

Rice : Miyama Nishiki
Polish : 55%

SMV : Undisclosed
Acidity : Undisclosed
Yeast : Undisclosed
Squeezing Method : Undisclosed
Pasteurised : Undisclosed

Point :
Food Pairing : 

Sake description :
"Miyama Nishiki'', developed in Nagano Prefecture, is a popular sake rice that boasts the third largest production volume in Japan after Yamada Nishiki and Gohyakumangoku. It produces a mild and delicate aroma and a clean, firm taste, making for a light sake that you won't get tired of drinking.