Eikun Junmai Shiboritate Nama Genshu 720ml

Eikun Junmai Shiboritate Nama Genshu 720ml

Eikun Junmai Shiboritate Nama Genshu 720ml

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Alcohol volume: 17%

Rice : Kyo No Kagayaki
Polish : 60%

SMV : Undisclosed
Acidity : Undisclosed
Yeast : Undisclosed
Squeezing Method : Undisclosed
Pasteurised : Undisclosed

Point :
Food Pairing : 

Sake description :
Saito Sake Brewery, a historic brewery established in 1953, is located in Kyoto Fushimi, Japan. The ninth-generation Saito Sotaro transformed his family's kimono merchant business into a renowned sake brewing enterprise. Today, Saito Brewery produces high-quality Japanese sake, including their versatile Eikun Junmai Sake, known for its food-pairing capabilities.

This shiboritate (freshly pressed) sake has a fresh taste, bottled as it is without pasteurisation or adding water. It is a winter season limited namazake that stands out with umami of rice and pleasantly rich flavour. Serve chilled.

Luxurious Winter Limited edition of Eikun's famous Japanese sake. Unlike regular Eikun, this unpasteurized and undiluted version boasts a full-bodied flavor, elevated alcohol content, and a unique aroma of chestnuts.  Experience a crisp, refreshing palate, complemented by a subtle effervescence and a lingering, unforgettable finish. Once you taste it, you'll be left wanting more.





齋藤酒造は、京都伏見にある1953年創業の歴史ある酒蔵です。 9代目斉藤宗太郎は、家業の呉服商を有名な酒造企業に変えました。現在、齋藤酒造は、料理との相性の良さで知られる多用途な純米酒「栄君」をはじめとする高品質の日本酒を製造しています。


From the Producer & Sake Ojisan



It is a raw sake squeezed from the tank that we prepared this term. It was stuffed raw as raw sake without burning. A freshly squeezed liquor with a delicious taste.

Saito Shuzo
Kyoto, JAPAN

Coming Soon

Sake Ojisan
Sydney, Australia

齊藤酒造 | Saito Shuzo

Sake Spec's

Ingredients :

Rice : Kyo no Kagayaki

Yeast :

Rice Polishing Ratio : 60.0%

Alcohol Volume : 17%

Standard Drinks : 9.7

Squeezing method :

Sake Meter Value :

Acidity :

Serving Temperature :

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