Choya Umeshu 430ml with Fruit

チョーヤ | Choya SKU: LUME555
Choya Umeshu 430ml with Fruit

Choya Umeshu 430ml with Fruit

チョーヤ | Choya SKU: LUME555
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Alcohol Volume: 14%

Plum: Kishuu Plum
Aging: 1

Aroma: 4.0
Acidity: 4.0
Sweetness: 4.0
Rich: 4.0

Point: Features a rich aroma and soft sweetness created by the combination of plum wine and plum fruit

Food pairing: 

Umeshu description: 

“Nanko ume from Kishu”, which was produced in the climate of Kishu, has large fruits weighing an average of 25g to 35g, the seeds are small compared to the fruit, and the Plum meat is thick and soft, making it considered to be the highest quality plum.

Choya Umeshu “Kishu'' is an authentic plum wine made with the Kishu plum fruit. In addition to 720ml of Umeshu, the full bottle contains an additional 100ml of carefully selected high-quality plums, which can be eaten as is or used in cooking. We also use a generous amount of 330g of plums for each bottle. This ‘Kishu'' is truly an authentic umeshu where you can fully enjoy the blessings of plums.