CHOYA Premium Umeshu 720ml

チョーヤ | Choya SKU: LUME532
CHOYA Premium Umeshu 720ml

CHOYA Premium Umeshu 720ml

チョーヤ | Choya SKU: LUME532
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Alcohol volume : 17%

If you are looking for high-quality Japanese plum wine, Choya Limited Matured Plum Wine is an excellent choice. Made from carefully selected Nanko plums from the Kishu region of Wakayama Prefecture, this plum wine has a distinctive deep flavor and refreshing acidity that makes it an excellent match for meals or a recommended dessert wine.

Choya Limited Matured Plum Wine is aged for more than three years, which enhances its flavor and taste. During the aging process, the plums and alcohol are carefully combined to create a mellow and rich flavor. The alcohol content is also increased during aging, allowing you to fully enjoy the original aroma and taste of the plum wine.

This plum wine is perfect as a souvenir or gift, making it ideal for special occasions and anniversaries. The bottle is handmade by a Kishu kiln in Wakayama Prefecture and is a beautiful fusion of traditional techniques and modern design. The label also enhances the value of the product with Choya's logo and illustrations of Nanko plums.

Choya Limited Matured Plum Wine is also easy to store, thanks to its bottle design. It can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks, with hot water, or mixed with soda. The plum wine is also loved by women for its elegant and sophisticated taste, making it an excellent choice for a moment of relaxation or as an in-between meal drink.

If you are looking for the perfect plum wine, Choya Limited Matured Plum Wine is a modern twist on traditional Japanese plum wine-making techniques. Choya carefully washes the Nanko plums and keeps all the flesh when pickling them to bring out the flavor of the plums. The alcohol used for making plum wine is also made from pure rice shochu, ensuring that only high-quality raw materials are used to create this plum wine.

Choya Limited Matured Plum Wine is a popular choice among those who appreciate the distinctive flavor of plum wine. Its deep, rich taste and elegant packaging make it a perfect gift for any occasion. It is also an excellent choice for those who enjoy a refreshing, easy-to-drink plum wine with a sophisticated taste.




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贈答対応 本格梅酒 お酒 紀州産南高梅100% 酸味料・香料・人工甘味料無添加