Choya Mutenka Honkaku Umeshu 1.8L

チョーヤ | Choya SKU: LUME028
Choya Mutenka Honkaku Umeshu 1.8L
Choya Mutenka Honkaku Umeshu 1.8L

Choya Mutenka Honkaku Umeshu 1.8L

チョーヤ | Choya SKU: LUME028
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Alcohol Volume: 10%

Ume: Nanko Ume 
Aging: 1

Aroma: 3.0
Acidity: 3.5
Sweetness: 3.0
Richness: 3.5

Food pairing: Meat dishes

Sake description: 
Introducing "Choya Mutenka Honkaku Umeshu", a Japanese plum wine made with 100% domestic plums and without the use of souring agents or fragrances. This additive-free plum wine offers a simple yet authentic flavor that preserves the natural taste of the ingredients and the richness of the plum flavor.

Made by slowly soaking domestic plums, the original flavor of the plums is fully extracted without any artificial flavor. As a result, it is easy to drink even for those who are trying plum wine for the first time. It is a perfect drink to enjoy not only chilled but also on the rocks, diluted with water, or mixed with soda. This versatile product is also easy to match with dishes, and there are many recipes to try, such as plum wine stew and plum wine jelly.

Plum wine stew, often paired with meat dishes such as pork and chicken, offers a sweet and sour taste that goes well with meat. Plum wine jelly, on the other hand, is a popular dessert after a meal. This Japanese plum wine is served in a convenient paper pack container that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy.

国産梅を100%使用し、酸味料・香料を一切使用せずに作った国産梅酒『チョーヤ 無添加 本格梅酒』のご紹介です。素材本来の味と梅の風味をそのまま生かした、素朴で本格的な味わいの無添加梅酒です。