Gassan Sparkling Cloud 720ml

Gassan Sparkling Cloud 720ml

Gassan Sparkling Cloud 720ml

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Alcohol Volume : 12%
Rice: Gohyaku Mangoku
Polish : 60%

SMV : -3
Acidity : 1.5
Yeast : Undisclosed
Squeezing Method : Undisclosed
Pasteurised : 

Point : 
Food Pairing : Cream Cheese 

Sake description :

Experience the sophistication of Yoshida Gassan Sparkling Cloud, a naturally effervescent sake crafted using a special in-bottle secondary fermentation method. Delicate bubbles are created with the addition of sake lees, resulting in a truly exclusive beverage reminiscent of champagne.

Elegant, aromatic style. With notes of peaches, pear and rice flour. Smooth silky texture, with lively bubbles.

The "pop" when the cork is opened makes it an original and ideal accompaniment for the celebration of many occasions. It can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to cooked vegetables, cheeses, desserts, but should be served chilled.

Gassan, which means "between the mountain and the moon", refers to the castle built on the Gassan Tomita mountain not far from the brewery in a region renowned for the purity of its spring water. The Yoshida house began brewing sake in 1743 for the Hirose clan during the Edo period and can therefore boast an ancestral know-how. 


吉田酒造 | Yoshida Shuzo

Sake Spec's

Ingredients : Rice, Kome Koji

Rice : Gohyakumangoku (Shimane)

Rice Polishing Ratio : 60%

Alcohol Volume : 12%

Standard Drinks : 6.8

Sake Meter Value : -3

Acidity : 1.5

Serving Temperature : 0-15℃

Recommended Pairing : cream cheese, etc.

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