Yuki no Matsushima: Sake Brand Inspired by the Beauty of Matsushima

Modern Sake Brewery in Tohoku

Miyagi Prefecture is one of the leading rice producing areas in Japan. It has been about 20 years since the brewery was established in Taiwa town, a place blessed with limpid water from the Mount Funagata in the center of Miyagi Prefecture. Taiwagura Sake Brewery has been making more than 30 kinds of sake, including Junmai-shu and Ginjo-shu. They strive to deliver better sake to more people. In order to realize this desire, the brewery is equipped with one of the most modern facilities in the Tohoku region. By mechanizing most of the processes, the brewery has been able to save a great deal of labor and produce high quality sake with less than half the staff of conventional breweries.

That being said, the root of sake brewing is still supported by the experience, knowledge, and intuition of the brewers who actually do the brewing. With the help of the latest technology, the brewery belives that they must also pass on the traditional skills of sake brewing. With this in mind, Taiwagura Shuzo will continue to pursue the pursuit of sake that will please everyone by combining advanced and traditional techniques.


Sake Brand Inspired by the Beauty of Matsushima

The brand "Yuki no Matsushima" was named after the famous scenic spot of Matsushima islands, which was also praised by Basho, the supreme Japanese haiku poet. It snows only a few times a year in Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, and the splendor of the islands, especially when it is first covered with snow, is the reason for the name of the sake, which is meant to represent the Tohoku region.

Yuki no Matsushima Umakara Junmaishu is, as the name states, dry junmai. The acidity and richness of the flavor punch first from the nose. The mouthfeel and texture are smooth and mellow, with a moderate fruity sweetness and a strong saltiness. Although the acidity has a strong impression of the aroma, the bitterness and dryness that seeps through the throat and rises from the depths of the bottle spread quickly. It is a complex fusion of flavors, and it feels like discovering a new combination of "dry and ginjo".

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