The Best Selling Sake in May Was Kizakura Nigori Sake!

Nigori sake is milk-white, unfiltered (or lightly filtered) sake. Fermented rice solids left in this sake create creamy, mouth-filling clouds complementing notes of pear and lychee. 

Sake is usually filtered to remove grain solids left behind after the fermentation process. Nigori sake is filtered using a broader mesh, resulting in the permeating of fine rice particles and a far cloudier drink.

Nigori sake is generally the sweetest of all sake, with a fruity nose and a mild flavor, making a great drink to complement spicy foods or as a dessert wine. Before serving, the bottle is shaken properly to mix the sediment with the sake, to obtain the full range of flavor and its signature look.

Kizakura Nigorizake is a fresh light flavoured nigori sake with low alcohol content. It has a mild sweet and sour taste reminiscent of yogurt and best chilled or on the ice. This is our best seller for a reason and is must try for both sake beginners and experts!

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