The Best Selling Sake in January was Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo 1.8L!

The best selling sake in January was Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo 1.8L!

Asahi Shuzo is a brewery that cherishes sake crafting. Just like wine, the world of ginjo sake is often described as something too difficult to understand unless you are a connoisseur. That is not the case, however. Special knowledge is not necessary to understand what a truly great sake is, and Dassai makes sake for everyone to enjoy.

Nowadays, sake producers and liquor stores tend to focus excessively on quick sales strategies or overwhelming marketing campaigns which, in turn, make them lose focus of the customer's authentic need: to enjoy a tasty sake. At Asahi Shuzo, however high quality sake is crafted with the purpose of sharing it with everyone around the world.


Widely held as one of the best sake’s around, Dassai 23 was born from a single challenge - polishing Yamada Nishiki to the limit of limits - 23% remaining of the original rice grain.

However, Asahi Shuzo is not obsessed with numbers, but is striving for Japan’s best, most delicious sake. The aim is to craft a well-balanced sake, that has a gorgeous and dense aroma, a mellow taste with just the right amount of acidity to tie it all together with a long, lingering finish.

The nose of Dassai 23 presents an irresistibly elegant flowery bouquet with a soft, delicate, honey-like sweetness, and the flavor blooms exquisitely in your mouth. The long finish is a gentle waterfall of flavor that hits the center of your palate and dissipates into bliss-like mists, begging for another sip.

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