Takamaru Kun Cup Sake: Inspired by the Cute Hirosaki Castle Mascot

Rokka Shuzo

Rokka Sake Brewery was established in 1972, when it merged 3 local breweries: Takashimaya Brewery, Shiraume Brewery and Kawamura Brewery. They have been brewing Japanese sake for over 300 years since the foundation of Takashimaya Brewery in Hirosaki in the Tsugaru region. The name Rokka refers to a crystal of snow that symbolizes sake making in the snowy region.

The brewery's policy is keeping traditional manual brewing. Sake is brewed with Tsugaru method can be a sake which sake lovers don’t get tired of drinking very often.
While other sake breweries tend to pursue effectiveness by introducing computer systems, our policy might be thought to be outdated.

The water used for brewing is typical soft water in the north Tohoku region. It produces sophisticated crispiness different from from other dry sake such as one made in Nada in Hyogo Prefecture or Hokuriku region.

Rokka Shuzo sake is made to be enjoyed as a liquor drunk with meals at their houses or restaurants. Those who are familiar with sake can enjoy the nostalgic taste, while those who usually do not drink sake very often, will be pleasantly surprised by taste that can renew an image of sake.

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Sake Inspired by the Cute Hirosaki Castle Mascot

Large, friendly-looking mascots (yuru-kyara) form an inseparable element of Japanese culture. Often met at festivals and next to establishments, various attractions and institutions, they are so important in public space that the Yuru-Kyara Grand Prix is held every year.

The mascot of the Hirosaki castle is a hawk, and the reason is a pun on the other name of the castle, Takaoka. In Japanese, taka means hawk, hence the mascot is Takamaru-kun, a cute samurai samurai hawk, designed at the 400th anniversary of the castle.


This cup sake was created with the image of Hirosaki, the castle town.
It is decorated with three cute illustrations of the mascot character "Takamaru-kun" from the 400th anniversary of Hirosaki Castle. The sake is made with a special junmai method, and is slightly sweeter than dry, with a smooth and easy to drink finish.

The small glass cup (180ml) makes it easy to take and enjoy sake anywhere, and the cup is also reusable and there are so many fun ways to reuse these cute cups!

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