Sudachichu: Shochu That Represents Tokushima Prefecture!

Sudachi - Symbol of Tokushima Prefecture

Cultivated for centuries in parts of Japan, and perhaps nearly as well known as the yuzu, sudachi is used as garnish with many traditional Japanese dishes which include fish, soba, udon, nabe, and even some alcoholic beverages.

Sudachi is a fragrant citrus fruit that is representative of Tokushima Prefecture, which has a 90% share of the national market for sudachi, and is the top producer in Japan.  The reason for this is that Tokushima has some of the best sunshine hours in Japan and a mild climate all year round, which is ideal for sudachi cultivation. It is only through the manual labor of the farmers in the heat of the summer that the fresh, sour, and fragrant sudachi is produced.


Try Sudachichu

Sudachi Chu was first produced in 1985, and has been a long seller for 36 years. In 1989, it won the first Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award.

Sudachi is harvested in season from late August to late September, and 100% of the fragrant natural sudachi juice is used to make Sudachi-chu. It has the refreshing aroma of sudachi (citrus fruit), a crisp sourness, and a slight bitterness. The refreshing aftertaste and goes well with meals. It is a shochu-type liqueur that is popular not only in Tokushima but also throughout Japan.

Sudachi Chu can be enjoyed in many ways. Try it on the rocks, or add 90 ml of Sudachi chu and 120 to 150 ml of soda to make a Sudachi Highball. You can also make great cocktails such as this one below!



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