September 28th Is Drink Beer Day! Celebrate with Kinshachi Akamiso Lager

September 28th Is Drink Beer Day!

Beer can be enjoyed on almost any day of the year, however this day is certainly an extra special one. It’s Drink Beer Day, an enjoyable day which has the dedicated activity is clearly stated in the name. What could be better?

Every year on September 28th, National Drink Beer Day honors the malty elixir. As the Oktoberfest season draws to a close, the day serves as a reminder to partake in the world's most popular adult beverage.
Beer drinkers now have more options than ever before in the market for ales and lagers. The craft beer industry's expansion keeps the competition and flavors vibrant, churning out new flavors seasonally. Beer lovers quench their thirst with flavors that are vastly different from the beers of their grandfathers. When it comes to artisanal brews, everything from root beer to raspberry, caramel, and traces of herbs tickles the palate.

And this day offers the simplest of instructions when it comes to this world-renowned beverage: drink beer. Now it’s time to raise a glass of your favourite ale or lager and celebrate Drink Beer Day!


Celebrate with Kinshachi Akamiso Lager

If you are looking for try a new taste, Kinshachi Akamiso Lager is the answer!

This unique Japanese style Lager is brewed with akamiso (red soybean paste), a specialty of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Exotic and unorthodox, it has a beautiful bold palate with rich flavour and a sweet scent, created by combining the umami of red miso and malt. The velvety smooth finish and its miso flavour is well suited for this style of beer and is a must-try among beer advocates. And we have just the perfect snacks to go with this unique beer!

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