Sekitoba Shochu: a Unique Taste That Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else

Innovative Shochu Brand


The name comes from a famous horse owned by the warlord Lü Bu (called Ryofu in Japan), who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. There was a saying at the time to describe Lü Bu and his Red Hare: "Among men, Lü Bu; Among steeds, Chì Tù (called Sekitoba in Japan)". This shochu is as flowing and powerful as the horse's dash.


With a strong conviction to "create an innovative shochu never before seen," Hamada Shuzo developed this shochu, imagining the surprise, pleasure, and excitement of the drinker. All will be captivated by its new deliciousness.

带着“酿造一种前所未有的新颖烧酒”的强烈信念,Hamada Shuzo酿造出了这种烧酒,并想象着饮酒者的惊喜、快乐和兴奋。所有人都将被它的新美味所吸引。

Gentle and soft white koji and fresh Kagoshima grown Kogane-sengan sweet potato are used. It is brewed with soft water from the local spring water of Mt. Kanmuri Dake, and through repeated aging, filtration, and polishing, the brewery has succeeded at creating a unique taste that cannot be found anywhere else.

烧酒采用柔和软糯的白曲和产自鹿儿岛新鲜的红薯作原料,配上当地Mt. Kanmuri Dake的山泉软水精酿而成,经过反复的陈化、过滤、调配,酒厂成功的酿造出了在其他任何地方都无法找到的口感独特、无与伦比的烧酒。

The moment you take a sip, a refreshing feeling rises in your mouth. The taste is sharp and fruity. The flavor of sweet potato is well balanced. This sweet potato shochu gives a freedom to enjoy it in many ways: straight, on the rocks, or warmed up. It also goes well with all kinds of dishes, both Japanese and Western.


Discover Sekitoba Imo Shochu


Sekitoba Imo Shochu   赤兔马红薯烧酒
Light and heavy, this is a new type of potato shochu. A special filtration method gives it a light but profound taste. It has a gentle and mellow taste, and is made with water from the underground flow of Mt. Kanmuri Dake.

口感可清爽醇厚,这是一种新型的红薯烧酒。用特殊的过滤方法使其口感清淡而深刻。用Mt. Kanmuri Dake地下水精酿而成,使其口感温和而醇厚。

Murasaki no Sekitoba Imo Shochu    赤兔马紫薯烧酒
The fruity taste derived from purple sweet potatoes spreads on the palate. Purple sweet potato is produced using the characteristic filtration method of Sekitoba. The fruity aroma peculiar to the ingredient rises, and the taste is sweet and full.


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