Saiya Brewery: Sake Created by Nature and Treasured Craftsman

Unveiling Saiya Brewery: A Sake Odyssey

In the tranquil, snow-kissed landscapes of Akita, northern Japan, Saiya Brewery stands as a beacon of sake craftsmanship. Established way back in 1903, this venerable brewery has carved a niche for itself with an impressive trophy cabinet and an unwavering commitment to tradition passed down through generations.

The Maestro Behind the Brews

At the helm of this brewery is the enigmatic Mr. Toichi Takahashi, a brew master hailed by the Emperor of Japan himself as a treasured craftsman. Mr. Takahashi has been the creative genius behind Saiya Brewery's magic since 1984. He passionately believes in the purity of using locally-sourced ingredients and the delicate art of minimal intervention.

Saiya Brewery stands proudly as the pioneer in Akita prefecture, cultivating its own unique yeast. By painstakingly isolating and nurturing the most robust yeast strains from their fermenting mash, a miraculous yeast strain was born—one that thrives in the harshest conditions of low temperatures and high alcohol content during fermentation.

Savoring the Sake Symphony

Saiya's sake isn't about smacking you in the face with aroma; it's more like a slow dance. The magic happens in the aftertaste, charmingly known as 'fukumi.' Achieving this perfection demands patience, low-temperature brewing, and an air-tight environment, letting the yeast's aroma naturally infuse the sake.

Surprisingly, Saiya skips the usual sake brewer's dance known as kai-ire (mixing the mash). Instead, they trust nature to do the mixing, with natural convection ensuring a gentle, hands-off approach.

A Sip of Nature, Certified Organic

Saiya Brewery is the proud bearer of Japan's first ASAC-approved organic brewery certification. They've kicked chemical disinfectants to the curb, allowing Mother Nature to play a starring role in the brewing process. This harmony between science and nature elevates Saiya Brewery to a league of its own.

Meet Yuki No Bosha: Akita's Essence in a Bottle

Yuki No Bosha takes center stage as the flagship brand of Saiya Brewery. Meaning "Cabin in the Snow," it's a tribute to Akita's rustic charm, rugged terrain, and vibrant festivals. Notably, it's a multiple-time gold medalist at the Annual New Sake Competition in Akita, making it a true champion.

Yuki No Bosha Junmai Ginjo: A Symphony of Fruitiness

If fruity perfection is what you seek, look no further than Yuki No Bosha Junmai Ginjo. With a fragrant Ginjo aroma, it dances gracefully on the palate with a clean, subtle taste and a refreshing, dry finish. It's a fruity delight for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Bottled without added water and unfiltered, Yuki No Bosha bursts with flavor. Think ripe strawberries and mangoes in a silky, clean stream. It's fruity without being overly sweet, a must-try for those who crave fruity sophistication.

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