Ohmine Shuzo Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity! Easy Introduction to the Brand: Ohmine Cup 100ml

Ohmine Shuzo Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity

Ohmine Shuzo is a fast-growing and popular sake brewery in Shuho-cho, Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. It attracts sake fans with its high-quality water and rice and simple label design. Founded in 1822, the brewery was once shut down in 1955 but was revived in 2010 by a group of volunteers. 

The water used for brewing is from a spring in Benten. It is soft water rich in calcium, nurtured on a karst plateau, and has a rich flavour. Yamada Nishiki is grown next to the brewery, making it possible to brew sake with the best water and rice. The modern and beautiful brewery has also won the hearts of sake fans with its innovative and fun methods, such as a direct sales outlet, product sales and a café. The brewery is popular not only in Japan but also abroad.

Affordable, Handy Sake Cup

Ohmine Cup 100ml is the perfect 'introduction to Ohmine' and is also great easy-drinking for sake novices. Although small in quantity, it has a fruity, muscat-like flavour and brings out the full character of Yamada Nishiki, so you won't feel short-changed. There are many ways to drink it, such as deciding to drink a bottle every night, taking it on a trip or to a friend's house, which is a great way to enjoy it because of its handy size.

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