October 19th Is Gin & Tonic Day! Celebrate With Japanese Style Gin

What Is Gin & Tonic Day?


Gin and Tonic is a classic combination beloved by all. International Gin & Tonic Day is celebrated around the world on 19 October. It was inspired by an old American lady, whose family snuck a G&T into her hospital room and hid it in her tea cup. It was established as a tribute to Mary Edith Kayburn, a gin enthusiast who passed away aged 95 on 19 October 2010.

杜松子酒和汤力水是一款经典的组合,深受所有人的喜爱。10月19日是国际金汤力日。它的灵感来自于一位美国老妇人,她的家人偷偷地把一块巧克力糖藏到她的病房的茶杯里。它的设立是为了纪念玛丽·伊迪丝·凯伯恩(Mary Edith Kayburn),她是一位杜松子酒爱好者,去世于2010年10月19日,享年95岁。

How about making gin and tonic with Japanese gin? Japan's gin industry has exploded onto the global spirits scene in just a few years, and by applying its meticulous know-how in distilling, Japanese distilleries have produced some very unique tasting gin.


Celebrate With Japanese Style Gin Kozue and Kodachi

用KOZUE 槙和Kodachi日式杜松子酒来庆祝吧!

A contemporary gin in the Japanese style, Kozue Gin is a new brand created by the team at Nakano BC in Wakayama Japan. Botanicals include European juniper, koyamaki (Japanese Umbrella pine), sansho pepper, juniper, orange, lemon and mandarin. Using native Japanese koyomaki needles as a botanical, it is the first gin of its kind. The addition of citrus peel from Wakayama Prefecture gives a soft and refreshing mix of aromas from the moment it enters the mouth, creating a pleasant taste sensation, while the aroma of sansho (Japanese pepper) from Wakayama Prefecture enhances the sharpness of the aftertaste.


In early 2019 the company also added an expression called Kodachi with the primary botanicals being cedar and cypress. Only 6 botanicals are used for this gin from the Wakajama prefecture. In addition to juniper, lemon and orange, Sancho pepper, local cedar and cypress are also used for this gin. The woody and calm scent and taste of cedar and cypress spreads out, creating a refreshing citrus scent and a pleasant mouthfeel.


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