November 23rd Is Yuzu Anniversary! Celebrate with Choya Yuzu!

November 23rd Is Yuzu Anniversary

November 23rd was established as a Yuzu Anniversary by the Kochi Prefecture Yuzu Promotion Council of the Kochi Federation of Horticultural and Agricultural Cooperatives. Kochi Prefecture's yuzu is grown in greenhouses and open fields, and is shipped all year round. The aim of this project is to promote the rich flavor of Kochi's yuzu to a wider audience.

Yuzu (Japanese citron) is a small evergreen tree of the mandarin family, the citrus fruits. It is often seed-rich and has a strong acidity and aroma. It is one of the most cold tolerant citrus fruits. Yuzu trees are known to grow slowly and the “Misho growing method,” which means growing from seed, takes 15–20 years before yuzu trees can bear fruit. In order to shorten the time it takes to bear fruit, it is often grafted onto the Karatachi (trifoliate orange) tree, which can be harvested in a few years.

The attractive Yuzu plays an indispensable supporting role in complementing Japanese dishes, and due to its refreshing properties is also a great ingredients in liqueurs and cocktails.


 Celebrate with Choya Yuzu

CHOYA Yuzu is a sweet tasting liqueur made with the filtered pulp of the yuzu fruit.
Always committed to the pursuit of high quality and authenticity using only natural ingredients in all CHOYA products, CHOYA Yuzu is made with only top-quality Japanese yuzu citrus freshly picked in Shikoku island (the major region for cultivating yuzu in Japan).

Fresh yuzu citrus juice and 100% natural ingredients are used in this yuzu liqueur. As all CHOYA products, it is made without acidity regulators, flavorings, colorings, and artificial sweeteners, so you can enjoy the true flavor of the yuzu. It has a sleek frosty bottle with simple yet beautiful Japanese design.

CHOYA Yuzu is excellent on its own or with soda. You can also enjoy it simply on the rocks, with mixers or make great tasting cocktails. A simple way to enjoy CHOYA Yuzu is a cocktail called Yuzumosa. You can make it just by mixing equal parts of CHOYA Yuzu and sparkling wine. It has a refreshing taste with a well-balanced sweetness and touch of pleasant bitterness.

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