November 11 Is Tachinomi Day! Try an Easy to Drink Sake!

November 11 Is Tachinomi Day!

Tachinomi are Japanese standing bars (“tachi” meaning stand, “nomi” meaning drink). Since the number 11 resembles the figure of a person standing and drinking, November 11 has been registered as "Tachinomi Day" by the Japan Anniversary Association.

It is believed that tachinomi started in Edo Period (1603-1868), when sake shops started offering customers a quick drink from square wooden measuring cups known as masu. Although these were traditionally Japanese bars catering to the working class,  in recent years, a novel type of tachinomi bars have experienced a widespread surge in popularity—they are popping up in many different locations, with elaborate interior designs, offering a wider selection of food and drinks and attracting a colorful crowd.

Tachinomi establishments have become a hip drinking places catering to various customers— from sleek, minimalist bars in affluent areas catering to a sophisticated female clientele,  to tiny chic haunts serving organic French wine and plates of charcuterie to hip young designers.


Try an Easy to Drink Sake on Tachinomi Day!

Although tachinomi establishmets now offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages, the basic  drinks are typically beer, nihonshu (Japanese sake) and shochu. So how about trying a sake that is perfect for sipping on Tachinomi Day (you can even try doing this while standing!)

Rihaku is based in Matsue, Shimane prefecture, and they make several types of sake, at least one for each occasion. The diligent effort and great skill of toji (head of the brewery) and kurabito (brewery workers) are evidenced by the many gold medals the brewery won in the New Sake Tasting Competition.

Rihaku Junmai Blue Purity is made with a recently developed rice Kannomai, which is only used in Shimane prefecture. Rihaku Junmai BLUE PURITY has a quite complicated flavour such as a combination of Matsu pine resin, roasted chestnut and a touch of honey and bitter cacao. Dryness and umami of Kannomai rice is perfectly balanced, you can easily drink one cup after another. Drink chilled or slightly warm.

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