August 4th Is National IPA Day! Celebrate With Kyoto Beer Matcha IPA

What Is International IPA Day?


International IPA Day on the first Thursday in August celebrates the beer known as India Pale Ale Beer. It was created to unite the voices of craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers, and brewers worldwide. Famous for its refreshing bitter-sweet taste, the hoppy beer is a fan favorite, and there's certainly a style for everyone.

每年8月的第一个星期四是传统的 IPA啤酒日,庆祝印度淡色艾尔。为了呼应联合全世界精酿啤酒爱好者、博主和酿酒商的声音,设立了此节日。印度淡色艾尔啤酒以其清爽苦中带甜的口感而闻名,是粉丝们的最爱,它适合每个人独有的风格。

The IPA seems to have developed out of an idea from the 1700s. When shipping ale to India, adding hops to the beer increased the longevity of the brew. Brewers thought that hops preserved the beer for long voyages to hot climates.


One London brewer gained attention for his ability to brew this particular style of beer. George Hodgson shipped many casks of pale ales to India from London. However, no one knows for sure when or who coined the name India Pale Ale.


Celebrate With the Unique Matcha IPA


Kyoto Beer is brewed by Kizakura, who has been brewing Japanese sake since 1925 in Fushimi, Kyoto. In 1994, the regulation for beer brewing had changed and Kizakura decided to start the craft beer business. Kyoto Beer is very unique to Japan, using ingredients like Kyoto matcha, yuzu, sake yeast, Yamadanishiki rice or black beans.


This IPA is brewed with Matcha (green tea) from Uji region in Kyoto. It has an eye-catching deep green color of green tea and rich body from alcohol (8.5%). The finish is comfortable with bitterness from green tea and hops. Very refreshing citrus aroma from Cascade hops. It pairs so great with rich foods like chashu (braised pork belly) or chicken liver yakitori!


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