CHIEBIJIN KITSUKI BLANC CUVEE: It May Look Like Wine, But It's Actually Sake!

Sake Made for Enjoying in a Wine Glass


Nakano Sake Brewery was founded in 1874 and is a small brewery with eight employees. Sixth-generation president Atsuyuki Nakano launched a new brand, Chiebijin, in 2009, which is carefully crafted using high-quality water pumped up from approximately 200 metres underground and sake rice produced by local contract farmers.

中野酒造成立于1874年,开始只有8名员工的小型酿酒厂。2009年,第六代传人中野淳之(Atsuyuki Nakano)推出了一个新品牌Chiebijin,该品牌使用从地下约200米涌出优质天然软水与当地合同农生产的清酒大米精心酿制而成。

CHIEBIJIN KITSUKI BLANC CUVEE is a Junmai Ginjo Namazake brewed with white wine yeast in the local Kitsuki area in Oita Prefecture, using Kitsuki water, ingredients and climate. CHIEBIJIN KITSUKI BLANC CUVEE is a sake loved by the local people of Kitsuki and aimed to be a sake from Kitsuki to the world. With its fruity aroma, gentle sweetness and clean acidity, it is easy to drink and has made a name for itself as a top-class sake to be enjoyed in a wine glass.

智慧美人杵築特酿产于大分县当地的杵築地区,充分利用用杵築泉水,原料和气候条件。用白葡萄酒酵母酿造的纯米吟酿 生酒。智慧美人杵築特酿是一款深受当地居民喜爱的清酒,旨在将其成为一款从杵築走向世界的清酒。果味浓郁,甜而不腻,酸度清爽,易饮,是一种可以放在酒杯里品尝的顶级清酒。

While the name sounds like wine and the bottle label makes it seem even more like wineit is actually sake! The name "BLANC", meaning white, comes from the fact that white wine yeast is used in this sake. Derived from this, the product name is "CUVEE", which means a special wine that is distinguished from others.


This is a limited-edition exquisite product from Chiebijin, brewed with the image of a marriage with oysters. But why oysters in the first place? Because oysters are a speciality of Kitsuki City in Oita Prefecture, where the Nakano Sake Brewery is located. The flavour of the oyster and the flavour of the sake harmonize beautifully, as the saltiness of the oyster enhances the sweetness of the sake, and the sweetness and acidity of the sake enhances the milky flavour of the oysters. We invite you to try this matching that is going to leave you feeling pleasantly surprised!


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