Try the Brightly Coloured Nakano BC Red Shiso Umeshu

What Makes Nakano BC Umeshu Special?


Plums are fast-growing, and one of the factors that bring out the best flavour of plum wine is to pickle them as quickly as possible to maintain their fruity and freshness. Nakano BC is located in Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture, and takes advantage of local processing, washing and soaking to remove the harsh taste from the fruit picked in the morning as soon as it arrives, and pickling it on the same day as it is purchased.


In order to extract all the tasty parts of the plums, Nakano BC employs a unique method of staged preparation. As soon as the ume arrive at the brewery, they are sorted by hand, rinsed, soaked and pickled. About two months after pickling, the soaking liquid is added again for pickling. Umeshu is tasted repeatedly by the brewing master, who decides when to remove the fruit. About one year after pickling, the product is finally ready.


Red Coloured Umeshu


The health-oriented taste of this plum wine is created by adding red shiso, a healthy ingredient, to umeshu. The acidity of the red shiso and the original sweetness of umeshu intertwines to create a sweet yet crisp umeshu.


The ample sweetness and acidity of the plum wine is followed by the refreshing flavour of red shiso. The alcohol is slightly low and the sweetness is refreshing, making it very easy to drink and soft. The bright ruby colour is due to the red shiso's natural pigments, cyanidin and verilanin, and the shiso's rich composition makes it ideal for health-conscious people.


Enjoy it on the rocks or chilled, straight or with water. It is popular as an aperitif, superior to sherry.


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