May 9th and 10th Are Kokuto Shochu Days! Celebrate With Akebono no Sato GOLD!

May 9th and 10th Are Brown Sugar Shochu Days


The Amami Oshima Sake Brewers' Association has decided that 9 and 10 May are brown sugar shochu days because of the association with 'kokuto'. This was established in 2007 to coincide with the Japanese reading of the numbers 5 (ko), 9 (ku), and 10 (tou).

奄美大岛清酒酿造协会决定将5月9日和10日定为红糖烧酒日,因为这两天与“kokuto”有关。这是在2007年建立的,与日语中的数字5 (ko)、9 (ku)和10 (tou)相吻合。

Kokuto shochu is a distilled spirit made exclusively in Amami Islands, Kagoshima, Japan. “Kokuto” refers to specially refined brown sugar and “shochu” is a distilled spirit made mainly in Southern Japan. In short, kokuto shochu is a distilled spirit made from brown sugar. While the other shochu distillers outside Amami are using sweet potato, barley, or rice as their main ingredients, kokuto shochu is made uniquely from brown sugar.



Sato no Akebono GOLD Kokuto Shochu

里之曙 GOLD红糖烧酒

There are only 26 distilleries of Amami Kokuto Shochu in the world, making this a selected group. One of them is Machida Shuzo, known for their Amami Kokuto Shochu “Sato no Akebono", made with the brewery's signature vacuum distillation and long-term aging. Highly thought of since its release, Sato no Akebono combines mellow taste and aroma to provide a refreshing feeling that fascinates drinkers.

奄美红糖烧酒厂只有26家,这是一个被选中的集团。其中町田酒造(Machida Shuzo),以其奄美红糖烧酒“里之曙”而闻名于世,这种酒是用该酒厂标志性的真空蒸馏和长期陈酿而成的。“里之曙”自问世以来备受好评,它将醇厚的口感和芳香结合在一起,给人一种清爽的感觉,令饮酒者着迷。

Sato no Akebono now comes with a lower alcohol content so you can enjoy it straight! Sato no Akebono18% GOLD follows the basic concept of 'enjoying on the rocks' and is characterised by its deep taste, which allows the aroma and flavour of oak barrel maturation to be enjoyed slowly.

“里之曙”低的酒精含量,你可以直接享受它! “里之曙”18% GOLD遵循“在岩石上享受”的基本概念,其特点是其深沉的味道,允许慢慢享受橡木桶酿制而成醇香。

Most shochu products are 25% ABV or higher, but if they are diluted with water, the aroma and flavour imparted by the cask maturation will inevitably become diluted. Akebono 18% Gold is made from carefully selected barrel-stored shochu, adjusted to 18% ABV so that the aroma and flavour straight out of the barrel can be enjoyed at a lighter alcohol content.

大多数烧酒的ABV在25%或更高,但如果用水稀释,酒桶熟化所传递的香气和风味不可避免地会被稀释。“里之曙”18% Gold由精心挑选的酒桶中储存的烧酒制成,调整ABV到18%,这样可以直接降低酒的酒精度直接享受酒的的醇香哦。


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