May 27 Is National Fish and Chips Day! Try Takeaway Fish and Chips with Yuzu Lager!

May 27 Is National Fish and Chip Day


Rich, delicious, flavourful, and utterly satisfying is the best way to describe fish and chips! 


National Fish and Chip Day commemorates this fundamental meal of the working class throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. And while its roots may lay on Britannia’s foggy shores, there are few places in the world that this comfort food hasn’t found its way to.


Australia is no exception - there are an estimated 4000 fish and chip shops, as well as fish and chips being an essential menu offering in many Australian pubs and restaurants. The first recorded owner of an Australian fish and chip shop is Greek migrant Athanasias Comino, who opened his shop in 1879 on Sydney's Oxford Street, though Comino's shop was inspired by an unknown Welshman's pre-existing fish and chip shop. 

澳大利亚也不例外。据估计,澳大利亚有4000家炸鱼薯条店,炸鱼薯条是许多澳大利亚酒吧和餐馆的必备菜。第一个有记录的澳大利亚炸鱼薯条店的老板是希腊移民Athanasias Comino,他于1879年在悉尼的牛津街开了这家店,其开店铺店的灵感来自于一个不知名的威尔士人的炸鱼薯条店。

National Fish and Chip Day itself began fairly recently, in 2015 and continues to be sponsored by the National Edible Oil Distributors Association (NEODA) in the UK. The day was created to raise awareness for the industry and has been growing ever since.


Try Takeaway Fish and Chips with Yuzu Lager


There is nothing like a combination of your favourite takeaway fish and chips and refreshing beer! 


Speaking of refreshing beers, Hitachino Yuzu Lager would definitely be the winner in this category! It is a fruity, citrus forward beer with a deep, bitter edge. The refreshing tartness of yuzu combined with the crispness of a lager is the perfect match with fish and chips. 


Fish and chips are very flavourful but also a little bit oily so beer will have a refreshing effect on the greasy feeling and carbonation will clean your mouth. Also, due to its relatively low-alcohol content of 5.5%, Yuzu Lager can be drunk in larger gulps allowing the carbonation work its magic with its powerful ability to cool and refresh. 


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