March 3rd Is Peach Day! Celebrate with Peach Liqueur!

March 3rd Is Peach Day!

Peach Day was established on March 3, 1996 by a Japanese beverage producer. As stated in the origin, the meaning of this day is to celebrate the "Peach Festival", also known as Hinamatsuri, together with peach-flavored water.

March 3 is "Girls' Day" in Japan, celebrated with a festival called "Hina Matsuri" (Doll Festival or Girls' Festival). The custom of displaying beautiful Hina dolls on this day in homes and public spaces dates back to the Edo Period (1603-1868).

Peach Natural Water is a popular soft drink in Japan. The category of flavored waters, which include elements such as subtle fruit juice flavour, is said to have been pioneered by “Momo no Tennensui” (Natural Peach Water), launched in 1996. It was greatly expanded by the succession of products, which now include diverse range of flavors such mandarin orange, apple, aloe, and yogurt.


Goshin Momoshu - Juicy Peach Liqueur

The way to celebrate this day is, of course, try anything peach-flavored! And you can't go wrong with a refreshing peach liqueur!

Established in 1924 in Gojo City located at the foot of Mt. Kongo, Gojo Shuzo Brewery has been making sake only with the finest-quality local ingredients, including water from the surrounding mountains and the well on the premises, and rice grown in Nara Prefecture.  Their sake brand “Goshin” has long been patronized by local people, who call it Goshin-san. Recently, they have also started producing liqueurs, which are popular among women.

One of their best selling liqueur products is Goshin Momoshu. Made from Yamanashi white peaches, this peach wine is juicy, fresh, and sweet with a fine pulp texture. Enjoy it on the rocks, with soda, or with ice cream or dessert.

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